Tuesday, August 23, 2016

St Louis blues: Sexism in the city

When the St Louis Business Journal in Missouri, US, recently profiled 25 women in business photographed holding aloft the shoes they wore, on the pretext shoes were a clear indication of their success in business, it created a massive backlash from people claiming sexism.

People don't realise how important their feet are until something goes wrong: Steve Wright in the Afternoon (BBC Radio2)

Steve Wright in the Afternoon (BBC Radio 2) The Health MOT Week with podiatrist, Matthew Fitzpatrick. Broadcast Broadcast 16th August 2016. Matthew Fitzpatrick "People don't realise how important their feet are until something goes wrong."

Friday, August 19, 2016

Ash Carter: The Berry Amendment

According to the Berry Amendment , the military can only buy athletic footwear made completely in the United States. New Balance bought machinery to create midsoles and the manufacture of some of their shoes is made domestically so currently New Balance is the only US company to make shoes that meet Defense Department requirements.

Defense Secretary , Ash Carter believes giving priority to a particular company is unfair. Further he claims research by the U.S. Army Institute of Public Health has found “a strong correlation between a wide variety of athletic shoes available to ensure individual fit and comfort and the reduction in lower-extremity injury rates.” These models are not currently available from New Balance and hence military personal may suffer unnecessary discomfort. Carter wants to change the bill to allow others US companies to complete.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

SeeULater Boot

A new collaboration between Japanese fashion label, White Mountaineering and adidas will later this year launch the SeeULater Boot, the latest in primeknit, technology combining the sock-like upper with a treaded sole pattern designed to cut deep into the earth. The lightweight hardwearing boot is designed for hiking and climbing.

Nike, Adidas, Reebok Olympic shoe deals

Monday, August 15, 2016

Dva Myacha: Two Matches sneakers

In 1957, Moscow played host to the VI International Youth and Student Festival. Over 34,000 foreigner visitors came to the capitol with many wearing sneakers. These fascinated the Soviets who had never seen the unusual rubber-soled shoes before. Three years later the USSR started mass production of sneakers Various models were popular however, the best among them and the most desired ones were the models of the Soviet-Chinese production, in particular Dva Myacha (Two Balls) sneakers which cost only four rubles. The new trend caught on quickly and no self-respecting Muscovite was without a pair. But fashions change and by the 80s Russia made sneakers had become passé. Fashion buffs dreamed of Adidas whilst domestic footwear became associated with underachievers who did not have access to foreign goods.

In 2013, young entrepreneurs came up with the idea to revive the legendary brand. Yevgeny Raikov from Moscow, found an old plant with maintained original from forty years ago and used new technologies to make the new Two Matches sneakers more comfortable. A pair of the new Russian kicks costs 4,000 rubles ($60). Since the beginning of July more than 1,000 pairs of Two Matches have been sold. According to the manufacturer nostalgic middle-aged buyers make up only 30 percent of the clientele, the rest are young people. The company are planning to add many more models to the collection, some of which will form a retro collection of the sneakers that were produced from 1965 to 1976.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

New exoskeleton allows paralysed people to feel their legs

Etenesh Diro : Barefoot star

Etenesh Diro (Ethiopia) finished her 3,000-meters steeplechase heat with one shoe on and one shoe off. During the race in the pack with a couple of laps to go the Ethiopian athlete got clipped from behind and tangled up with some other competitors and her right shoe came half-off. For precious seconds, she knelt on the track and tried to pull the shoe back on.

As runner after runner passed her by she finally give up and negotiating the barriers and the water jump, finished the final three laps of the race with one bare foot. The crowd loved it and urged her on. Diro finished seventh and fell exhausted to the track, clutching her foot. Following protests by the Ethiopia, Ireland and Jamaica teams, Diro, Ireland's Sara Treacy and Jamaica's Aisha Praught were advanced to the final.